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Warehousing & Distribution: Safety Stays Top of Mind

Warehousing & Distribution: Safety Stays Top of Mind

Warehouses are hot right now. I’m not talking about literal heat. According to numerous analyses and forecasts, the warehousing and distribution industry is poised to grow by billions of dollars and double-digit percentages in the next few years.

It’s easy to see why. The rise of ecommerce and same-day shipping, the fall of traditional retail, the acceleration of these trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic… If this were someplace like Forbes, and I were some kind of investment professional—which I most definitely am not—I would go into the various factors at play. Or if this were LinkedIn, and were I a recruiter, I’d tell you about all the warehousing job openings and career opportunities you wouldn’t want to miss.

But this isn’t a blog about business, investing, or career development. It’s a blog about workforce health, safety, and compliance—and we’re here to tell you that warehousing, hot as it is, is also a dangerous line of work.

From falls to forklift accidents to machine guarding hazards, many of the most common workplace injuries (and Occupational Health and Safety Administration violations) are particularly prevalent in warehousing facilities and distribution centers.

Consequently, warehousing and distribution employers need to take the well-being of their employees seriously and make safety programs their number 1 focus.

Take it from another workplace health and safety resource, EHS Daily Advisor:

“Warehousing is one of the riskier industries due to the use of high-powered machinery and vehicles operating within close proximity of each other. Warehouse safety should be your utmost priority to keep employees safe, ensure efficient operation, maximize productivity, and minimize injury or damage.

To instill safety procedures in a warehouse, display easy-to-read safety notices and warnings, encourage and provide the opportunity for employees to get additional safety certifications, and continuously revisit safety protocols to ensure they remain up to date. Many resources devote themselves to providing comprehensive and detailed instructions for warehouse operations and safety.”

Read “Creating a Safe Environment for Warehouse Employees.”

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between keeping people safe and pursuing that hot, hot business growth. At KPA, we’ll show you how.

Warehousing facilities and distribution centers throughout the United States rely on KPA to keep their workers safe, minimize risk, and maximize profit. The combination of our workplace health and safety software, expert consulting services, and award-winning training solutions are proven to reduce costs and improve businesses’ bottom lines. Learn more.

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