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What are some unexpected uses for KPA EHS Software? KPA customers enlightened us.

What are some unexpected uses for KPA EHS Software? KPA customers enlightened us.

EHS professionals are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency and streamline their processes. So it’s no surprise that KPA’s customer community, KPA Connect, has become a vibrant place for members to share best practices about their safety programs and how they use KPA EHS software to address safety and compliance topics specific to their business.

We recently asked KPA Connect members,

"When you first started using KPA EHS software, was there a function or feature that you discovered could do something new for you?"

While we got 45 great responses to the question, they tended to fall into three main categories. Let’s explore some unexpected uses KPA customers discovered once they were quickly up and running.



KPA EHS helps safety teams keep track of tasks and processes within their organization. From keeping up with monthly inspections to training completions, KPA customers have been surprised by how many different ways they’ve been able to put the tracking functionality to good use!

I didn’t realize how the form to equipment maps could be useful until I put together the daily forklift inspection form and mapped the hour meter readings. Now the hours on the forklift equipment list are current.

Bill Woods
Director of Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance at American Welding & Gas

Adding my weekly Hazardous Waste Inspections as a task. I love it!!

Judy DeForeest
Western Pneumatics

We really like that we are able to run participation reports and even filter them by our different locations.

Abby Beattie
Safety Admin at ShalePro Energy Services

Follow-Ups and Accountability

Follow-ups are a great way to keep everyone accountable and can be used in forms, acknowledgments, or safety-related messages. Here’s how KPA customers are using them.

The task/follow-up function was a big one for our company. We didn’t think we would use it, but it has become a key part of our KPA experience.

I found the group notification system extremely useful, especially when it comes to filling out incident or accident forms. It streamlines the communication between Safety and HR so that we are all on the same page within a reasonable amount of time.

Joy Ha
Safety Representative at CandleScience Essential Labs


No two safety programs are alike. That’s why we designed KPA EHS Software to be easily configured to can be configured to meet your specific needs. Here are some of the unexpected benefits our customers have experienced over time.

Something that was new (compared to the other safety management providers we have used at least) was the extensive and very well-documented API. This allowed us to integrate KPA EHS into our existing tools and framework so that, for the most part, the user experience for our employees and management stayed consistent. While the KPA EHS app and website are excellent, it’s nice for our employees to be able to get their information in the places they have become accustomed to using, especially ones who are a bit more technology-averse than others. I think this flexibility and respect for the customer’s choice is definitely something that puts KPA EHS above the rest.

Timothy Shaw
Information Success Coordinator at McCumber Well Service

I did not realize the custom field for equipment was available to be viewed while filling out a form. For example, we have a google maps link created for each well we work at. Field hands are able to quickly identify where the well is and whether or not they are looking at the correct one.

Travis Lane
Data Engineer at ExxonMobil

Want to dig deeper?
Here are two companies that have seen success with EHS Software.

Ultimate Configurability for Rapidly Growing Alterra Energy

Since 2009, Alterra Energy has been driven by passion and innovation, converting plastic destined for landfills into new materials through Advanced Recycling. The company’s process transforms previously non-usable plastics into valuable new synthetic crude oil. Alterra has more than doubled its staff in the past year and expects the growth trend to continue. Learn how KPA’s highly configurable, easy-to-use software helped Alterra Energy support and expand their EHS programs.

I started out looking for a simple learning management solution. I was attracted to KPA Software because it’s capable of so much more.

Angie Johnson
Alterra Energy EHS Manager

Automation + Mobile Capabilities = Savings for 3S

One of America’s fastest-growing Engineering, Procurement, Construction contractors, 3S Services, offers an unwavering commitment to safety. This commitment is evident in its daily implementation of established policies, procedures, audits, and their 3S behavior-based safety program. Learn how 3S Services uses KPA EHS as its secret weapon for maintaining a safe and productive workplace.

I was able to just run with KPA EHS, which was beautiful. It’s a one-stop resource that brings core reporting and training functionality together right inside the app. And it’s all supported by alerts and notifications, so you’re always in the know about hot issues.

Janise Black
3S Services Data Analyst

Engage your employees. Instill a culture of safety. Enable regulatory compliance – with KPA EHS.

KPA EHS provides an array of features and benefits that can help you streamline your safety processes, increase employee engagement, and improve overall accountability. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the unique ways our customers are using KPA EHS to make their safety program more successful.

To learn more about KPA EHS and how it can benefit your safety program, please get in touch with us.


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