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What’s in a name? Here’s What Flex Customers Said about Flexibility

What’s in a name? Here’s What Flex Customers Said about Flexibility

When we first developed KPA Flex, the ehs software was built from a need to create forms or training lessons that could be flexible enough to make a safety manager’s job easier. Now that we’ve got a few years under our belt, we asked our customers, “Where has the flexibility of KPA Flex helped you?” Here’s what they said.

The insights provided by our customers demonstrate how KPA has helped them save time and money while increasing their overall level of safety in the workplace. This was a lively conversation on our customer community, KPA Connect – and one that’s still going strong.


Flex Helps Companies Say Goodbye to Paper

Companies are shifting from paper-based EHS systems to flexible ehs software, which offers speedy access to information, reduced paperwork, and more efficient operations. Flex has transformed industries by improving their processes and operations. Here’s some feedback from a few companies that have embraced it.

We’ve moved from paper to online forms. Our field personnel can create reports and we have them upon submittal, no more scanning copies and emailing them. And the pictures they took of the work sites are so beneficial; we can see them in action. We love KPA!

Judy DeForest, EHS Specialist
Western Pneumatics

Being able to complete Pre Task Plans, Safety Assessments, and other forms on and off the job and on my mobile device.

Safety Specialist, Construction

Flex has allowed us to keep the feel of our existing programs while adding the convenience of electronic records. This has enabled us to identify improvements quickly.

Randy Stuart, Director of EHS
ProFrac Services

KPA has allowed us to access documents offline, eliminate paper forms, fill out forms on the go, and much more. The flexibility of KPA is endless and we love it!

HSE Specialist, Energy Company

Keep Data Consistent Across the Company Using Flex’s API

The Flex API has proven to be a valuable tool for companies looking to integrate and streamline their workflows. With easy data import and mobile platform capabilities, it offers a digital solution that can help maintain consistent data across the company. A game-changer for businesses looking to take their workflows to the next level!

Because of the API (and easy data import structure), we were able to set up Flex and integrate it into our existing workflow within a matter of days with zero disruptions or downtime. I can see how it is great for companies who want to go digital/paperless, but it’s also great for companies who are digital and need a better safety training provider. A++ all around!

Timothy Shaw, Information Success Coordinator
McCumber Well Service

Because of the API, we have been able to integrate with other systems we have.

Travis Lane, Data Engineer
Exxon Mobil

The API and mobile platform are the best part. Everything is current and able for us to access at any one of our sites.

Angela Mele, Environmental Compliance & Sustainability Supervisor
Dolese Bros.

Timely Training and Flexible Forms

We’ve had the pleasure of seeing professionals across various industries rave about the benefits of our training platform.

Flex gave us the flexibility to have training online and to be completed at any time without having to do scheduled group trainings.

Jeff Freeman, Director of Operations
Carbice Corporation

KPA has given me the ability to reach a broad audience in regards to sending out surveys, inspection checklists, and training. KPA allows me to have critical data stored in one place for our over 100 locations scattered throughout the United States.

Bill Woods, Director of Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance
American Welding & Gas

I think that the ability to incorporate Flex’s trainings into our current system has been the best part.

Timothy Shaw, Information Success Coordinator
McCumber Well Service

Flex led to new ways of working within the Safety Department. It is therefore a crucial business asset for us and our employees.

Raluca Ene, HR Manager
Halo Labs

Revolutionizing Workplace Safety: Flexible EHS Software is Streamlining Safety Management

KPA Flex has been a game-changer for many safety managers, allowing them to simplify their jobs and improve workplace safety while saving valuable time and money. The positive feedback received from our customers is a testament to the effectiveness of our innovative tool. We are excited to continue the conversation on KPA Connect and learn more about how KPA Flex is making a difference in the lives of our valued customers.


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