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What’s the ROI of EHS Software? Here’s What KPA Customers Say.

What’s the ROI of EHS Software? Here’s What KPA Customers Say.

As a safety professional, you are tasked with balancing the risks of workplace accidents and injuries with the increasingly tight budget constraints that businesses face. EHS software can be a great tool to help manage these pressures while keeping employees safe – but what’s the return on investment (ROI) when it comes to investing in such technology?

That’s why we’ve asked our customers who have already implemented EHS software in their organizations:

What benefits have they seen so far?

And how has their life been made easier since making this purchase?

Read on for insights into how an investment in safety-focused technology could make all the difference.

The National Safety Council gives an easy conservative figure of roughly $2 for ever $1 spent on an injury. But that’s a pretty broad statement. Here’s how KPA customers are proving out ROI in their organizations.


Cost Avoidance is Hard to Measure for EHS Programs

How do you put a dollar figure to a cost that you didn’t have to spend? These direct and indirect costs are what gums up a lot of ROI of Safety calculations. Bill Woods of American Welding & Gas sums up the problem nicely.

“Sometimes it is difficult to explain ROI in regards to safety.  Most of the time, safety ROI is measured by cost avoidance.  Avoiding accidents, injuries, regulatory compliance fines, etc. play an important part in explaining ROI for investing in any safety programs.  Our year-over-year improvement in safety performance can be attributed to investing in KPA.  Implementing KPA Flex has streamlined many of our safety programs, such as

  • training,
  • daily forklift inspections,
  • emergency response drills, etc.,

which is allowing us to work on a variety of initiatives with our current staff.”

– Bill Woods, Director of Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance, American Welding & Gas

For those drowning in a sea of paperwork, the ROI of EHS Software is pretty straightforward

Here’s how Western Pneumatics stays afloat.

“The paper pushing alone is a great ROI.

  • We have all our Accident/W.C./Near Miss and Property Damage reports in our email as soon as they are submitted.
  • All our SDS’s are in KPA, and our forklift, overhead crane, etc. daily inspections are submitted as completed.  If maintenance is required, it goes to purchasing to schedule upon submission.
  • Our AED’s are logged with battery and pad expiration dates and scheduled as monthly tasks.  Our eyewash stations are tasks.

There is no more forgetting these items that need to be done.  The mountain of paperwork has shrunk down to nothing.  We also have all our environmental inspection forms in KPA.  Our STEP Team Quarterly Walkthroughs are in KPA.   KPA has made us more efficient and able to keep on top of items that need immediate attention.  If you don’t have KPA, you honestly don’t know how easy your life can become!

Do I really need to mention all our training is in one place too?”

– Judy DeForeest, EHS Assistant, Western Pneumatics

Unlocking High ROI with KPA EHS: Streamline Reporting and Communication to Reduce Administrative Workloads and Improve Training Efficiency

Our customers had lots to say about the impact that instant access to data had on their workplace safety. Here are a couple of insights for you.

“Our team quickly identified the value of having quick access to forms and all of the data involved. The administrative workload of our safety and training teams was significant from the get go. The streamlined reporting and communication of the platform caught on very fast.

Now, all groups within the company are reaching out to leverage KPA forms. As our company utilizes KPA more and more, our value only continues to increase.”

– Wes Marsh, Training and Development Specialist, U.S. Well Services

“Just from the amount of time saved putting together and providing training.  This, along with the amount of documentation that can be handled electronically and stored efficiently, was my ROI.”

– Jeff Freeman, Director of Operations, Carbice Corporation

It’s clear.
EHS software can provide a significant return on investment for organizations looking to streamline safety processes, reduce paperwork and improve training efficiency.

The insights provided by our customers demonstrate how KPA has helped them save time and money while increasing their overall level of safety in the workplace. This was a lively conversation on our customer community, KPA Connect – and one that’s still going strong.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already using an EHS platform, there is value in leveraging the data available to make informed decisions about your business operations. Investing in an effective EHS system could be one of the best investments you make this year – so why wait?


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