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Wildfire Smoke Pop Quiz

Wildfires are serious natural disasters that not only pose a threat to wildlife and property but to your health. Wherever you operate, you need to take certain steps to minimize employee exposure to polluted air.

By knowing your risk category, where to find the Air Quality Index, and by following your employer’s guidelines, you can keep yourself safe from wildfire smoke.

Do you know your wildfire smoke safety basics? Find out by taking KPA’s Wildfire Smoke Safety Pop Quiz.

Each quiz question below is adapted from material in our training resources. See if you can answer these real safety and compliance questions correctly.

How’d you do? Did you breeze through or choke? You can breathe easy—we won’t be grading you on this. But if your fire safety knowledge is little more than hot air, contact us. This is one of those safety topics you really need to get right the first time.

We Can Help You Navigate Wildfire Smoke Protection Requirements

If you need help rolling out this type of employee and supervisory training or have general questions about what to do if engineering controls cannot reduce the exposure to PM2.5 to less than a current AQI of 151, KPA can help.

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