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Ask the HR Expert — FMLA

I have an employee who is out sick and will need surgery. I need to know if we're supposed to ask him if he wants FMLA or if he needs to request FMLA himself? Also, if he says he wants it, what forms and guidelines do I need to follow?
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Ask the HR Expert — ACA

Q: We are self-insured. We have an employee who would like to add his wife to his health insurance, but she doesn't have a SSN. What are acceptable forms of ID? Can we deny coverage under the ACA? A: If…

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California Pay Requirements & De Minimis

In Troester v. Starbucks Corp., the California Supreme Court ruled on a narrow aspect of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) de minimis doctrine and how it applies to off-the-clock work. The Court ruled that Starbucks specifically, and California…

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Employee Investigations FAQs

KPA's recent HRCI approved "Investigations Without Hesitation" webinar went down in the history books as being our most popular webinar ever! It was also co-hosted by FordHarrison, KPA's partnering law firm. Naturally, employers attending the webinar had lots of questions.…

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Employee Complaints… Now What?

My husband and I are currently in the process of building a new house. As a detail-oriented person who values transparency, I have sent my fair share of complaints to our builder and our lender. Unfortunately, it hasn't always carried enough sway…

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