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Five Areas OSHA & EPA are Keeping Tabs on for Ohio Dealerships

Five Areas OSHA & EPA are Keeping Tabs on for Ohio Dealerships

As your strategies conducting business in Ohio during the pandemic evolve, there are some key OSHA and EPA items to keep on your radar to stay compliant.  Just because COVID shut a lot of things down and changed a lot of schedules, doesn’t mean OSHA and EPA are on vacation.  They are still up and operating and you still need to maintain a safe, healthy, and environmentally compliant workplace.

Here are five areas to keep top of mind for your dealership:

  • Automotive Lift Inspections & Training
  • Oil / Water Separator Clean Out
  • Monthly UST Inspections
  • Ohio EPA Air Permits
  • New Hire and Re-Occurring Required Training

Let’s dive into these for a closer look.

Automotive Lift Inspections & Training

A lot of vendors had to reschedule services at the beginning of the pandemic and some forgot to get back on the schedule.  Check the date of when your last automotive lift inspection was completed and make sure it has been within the last year.  Automotive lift inspections should be completed on an annual basis, as well as Automotive Lift Safety Training.  Most of the time, these are completed at the same time with the lift vendor completing the training.  KPA also has an online training module if you prefer this option.  You should have a full lift inspection record on file as well as some kind of tag or sticker on each lift. 

Oil / Water Separator Clean Out

When was the last time your shop drains were cleaned out?  The correct answer is, “regularly.”  Is there a foul odor in the shop coming from the drains?  This is usually a friendly reminder that they are due for a cleaning.  Did the car wash recently back up?  This is another reminder that the drains are due to the cleaned.  Make sure to keep documentation on record to prove that your oil/water separator was cleaned out and serviced.

Monthly UST Inspections

Do you have an underground storage tank (or UST for short) like a gasoline tank or used oil tank?  If you do, there’s a host of things you need to do annually to comply with the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR).  But, did you know that you are required to complete monthly inspections of your UST using an Ohio provided form?   The State of Ohio Fire Marshall requires monthly inspections of your underground tank inspections using this state-provided form.  This form, as well as your other annual required UST forms, should be kept on file within your OSHA/EPA records. 

Ohio EPA Air Permits

Do you have a paint booth or a gasoline pump station?  Did you recently acquire a facility that has one of these?  Did you recently add any of these?  If so, you are required to have an Ohio EPA Air Permit on record.  There are different types of Ohio EPA Air Permits, so it depends on your specific property and equipment. But an air permit is required.  KPA can assist you with this process if this is something that you are not familiar with or need help completing or researching.

New Hire and Re-Occurring Required Training

Training’s something that’s always important, regardless of the time of year, special events, or even a pandemic. These are things like annual required training, new hire training, and re-occurring OSHA and EPA training

If you have a facility with employees, you are required to complete Emergency Response Training every year and with every new hire.  Your employees need to know what to do in case of any type of emergency within your facility. 

  • What if there was a fire?  Would your employees know how to use a fire extinguisher?  Would they know where to evacuate and assemble? 
  • Do they know where the local first aid kit or eyewash station is located?  (yes, you are required to have those) 
  • What about a tornado – would your employees know where to go? 

This training is required for all staff and every department – every year and also with every new hire.  Can you check this box for your facility?

When it comes to safety, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

We’ve touched on just five of the many OSHA and EPA topics that might be required at your Ohio Dealership.  Most likely, there are lots more that you need to comply with.  That’s where KPA can help. With 30+ years of experience & 100+ certified EHS experts, KPA is here to help you minimize risk so you can focus on what’s important–your core business.

Managing your organization’s safety and compliance program is a challenge. With KPA’s mix of EHS software, workforce training, and EHS consulting services, you can ensure that you are taking the right steps to safeguard the wellbeing of your employees while protecting your bottom line.

Contact us, we can help.

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