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Use This Printable Safety Calendar to Stay On Top of Important Deadlines

Use This Printable Safety Calendar to Stay On Top of Important Deadlines

It’s easy to let things slip through the cracks when you have so many things to keep tabs on in a day. An organized calendar will help you stay on track and avoid potential hazards and violations that could occur if safety tasks are left unmanaged. 

Become a time management pro and make your facility safer than ever by adding annual, quarterly, and monthly recurring safety task deadlines to your calendar. Print this calendar out for a great head start.

We dive into the best practices behind each of these calendar entries in the article:
12 Vital Safety Reminders to Add to Your Compliance Calendar

But, what if instead of printing a paper copy, this was an integral part of your EHS software?

Save time, protect deadlines, and streamline activities within a single space.

KPA EHS’s Compliance Calendar allows administrators and EHS professionals to view, organize, and track all EHS activities—from regulator requirement deadlines to compliance tasks and employee activity—in a single, actionable calendar dashboard. 

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire EHS program’s training and compliance tasks – completely integrated with the KPA EHS system.
  • Assign tasks to employees and monitor completion based on custom actions and events. 
  • Manage, organize, and assign tasks to employee groups, locations, or branches; report on completions or send reminders as needed.  
  • Customize your calendar to suit your needs by adding forms to events, setting subtasks, and using preloaded OSHA and ISO dates and reminders.
  • Use the universal search function to find what you need when you need it.

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