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A Bird’s Eye View of Regulations Across Your Dealership

Toby Graham

A Bird’s Eye View of Regulations Across Your Dealership

You’re a successful automotive dealership. Because you’re a successful auto dealership, you already know that your competitive advantage lies in your people: whether on the lot or in the back office, your team brings their A game to every sale, job, and interaction with consumers.

In other words, your workforce doesn’t stop. Neither should your workforce compliance program.

Any top-performing organization is more than the sum of its parts. The same is true for that organization’s compliance initiatives. Just as one disengaged employee can drag down your entire company’s bottom line, a single gap in your compliance program sows enough regulatory risk to put everyone in jeopardy. Even though your mechanics might be meticulous in following federal and state workplace safety rules, a reporting oversight during the F&I process can undermine their efforts; and vice versa.

At the risk of sounding new-agey, it’s all connected, man. Hover over the pins in the graphic below and take a look at each department’s obligations. Ask yourself whether every employee at your dealership is up to speed on their responsibilities.

Next: Zooming In

Although we’ve spoken plenty of times in the abstract about the intense regulations on the automotive industry, it’s something else to see all those regulations at once. Overwhelming, huh?

Don’t panic. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be zooming in on each of the departments to examine where and how employees fall out of compliance, and how to get your dealership back on track.

Ensuring workforce safety and preventing environmental liabilities is crucial to every service center’s operations. KPA’s online, on-site, and on-call resources help dealers:

  • Accurately identify risks
  • Determine necessary actions to meet EPA, OSHA, and DOT requirements
  • Ensure organizational compliance
  • Effectively manage HR activities including hiring and training

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Toby Graham

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