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Advertising, Sales, and Finance Compliance Software

Vera Suite advertising sales and finance software helps dealers develop compliant sales processes, train sales and finance teams, safeguard consumer information, and maintain clean deal jackets—all to help you minimize risk and maximize profits.

Full-featured Advertising, Sales, and Finance Software for Dealers

Deal Jacket Audits

Review deal jackets for compliant disclosures, signatures, credit application practices and state requirements.

Customer Information Security

Identify areas of exposure that could lead to breach and theft of sensitive customer information.

Inventory Inspection 

Inspect new and pre-owned inventory, Monroney labels, buyers guides, FTC used car labelling and proper disclosures.

F&I Facility Compliance Inspection

Identify potential F&I risks and determine the necessary actions to meet regulatory requirements.

Programs & Policies

Facilitate compliance meetings to review issues and open action items.

Licenses & Permits

Manage permits, inspections, and licenses in one location.

Regulatory Library

Share your library of Sales F&I policies, handbooks, and programs with employees.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor your progress toward F&I department best practices.


Self-Inspection Software

Identify issues that don’t align with sales and F&I best practices. Review your inventory for missing Monroney stickers and proper FTC used car labeling. Inspect your back-office for exposed customer information. Use KPA’s mobile app to log inspection results in real-time.

Take a Test Drive

See how everything works together to make your dealership’s safety and compliance program a success.

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F&I Content Library

Take advantage of a full library of policy templates, written programs, guides, and forms to help you follow standards and monitor activity to improve accountability.

Licenses & Permits

Manage licenses and permits from one accessible location

Stay on top of dealer licenses, VIN verification permits and authorized business partner permits from one accessible location.

Track permit expirations and store inspection reports and other important data to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Secure Messaging

Request, Capture, and
Receive Sensitive Customer Information

Gain customer trust, ensure compliance, and improve efficiency with secure messaging.  Provide your customers with a secure exchange of information and files for complete compliance.

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Recommended Resources

Here are some resources to help you build a better dealership compliance program.

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Customer Spotlight

Learn how KPA customers protect their dealerships from regulatory risk.

Compliance is always on my mind. I’ve had people get frustrated about how much we prioritize it. I tell them there’s always the chance a regulator will show up here tomorrow.

Owner, Schaller Auto Group

Learn how Schaller Auto Group steers clear of regulatory risks

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