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Add These 12 Critical Safety Reminders to Your Compliance Calendar

Add These 12 Critical Safety Reminders to Your Compliance Calendar

“I love deadlines!” said no one, ever. Deadlines may not be your favorite thing, but marking safety reminders on your calendar can be the ticket to staying diligent on compliance and keeping your facility safe. Never miss another safety deadline again by fool-proofing your calendar with safety reminders for all the recurring tasks you need to accomplish throughout the year.  

Setting Your Safety Program Up For Success

Sustaining a compliant facility and healthy workforce is an ongoing project that thrives on organization and consistency. Never overlook recurring safety management tasks like annual hazard inspections and quarterly safety meetings. Imposing deadlines on yourself will give you the motivation and organizational system to keep your workforce safe and your facility compliant.  

Organizing Your Compliance Calendar

It’s easy to let things slip through the cracks when you have so many things to keep tabs on in a day. An organized compliance calendar will help you stay on track and avoid potential hazards and violations that could occur if safety tasks are left unmanaged. Become a time management pro and make your facility safer than ever by adding annual, quarterly, and monthly recurring safety task deadlines to your calendar.

Mark Your Compliance Calendar for These Recurring Deadlines

Annual Recurring Deadlines

A lot can change in a year, and it’s a good idea to give yourself a chance to evaluate those changes on an annual basis. Mark it in your calendar to assess these elements of your facility once a year to record updates and identify areas in need of improvement.

It is best practice to evaluate your hazardous waste generator status annually and determine how to minimize your waste output. By taking the time to do this each year, you allow your organization to assess hazardous waste generation and potentially find ways to cut down.

How are you storing chemicals in your facility? Is there a better method? Do you need to correct or record anything that has changed or moved around throughout the year? Set aside time in your calendar annually to ask these questions and create a routine for evaluating the chemical storage in your facility.

Mark time in your calendar annually to record new chemicals onsite and make sure the correct safety data sheets are available for these additions. Chemicals may arrive at your facility without proper documentation, so allocating time once a year to catch up on any missed chemical inventory processes is essential.

Is your fire evacuation map up to date and located in an area that is known and accessible to workers? Have there been any changes to your facility or the placement of the fire extinguishers? Take a moment at least once a year to ensure your fire evacuation plan is current and compliant.

Tools and equipment like overhead cranes and lifts require an annual inspection. Mark your calendar to make sure those critical inspections do not get overlooked.

Monthly Safety Reminders

A handful of safety inspections should occur every month to keep your company compliant and protect your bottom line. Put these items in your calendar once per month to ensure your facility stays safe throughout the year.

If you have hazardous waste storage onsite at your facility, it is wise to inspect it once a week to make sure it is still safe and compliant.

Equipment used daily, such as forklifts and ladders, should be checked daily to confirm that they are operational and safe to use.

Weekly & Daily Reminders

Check some elements of your facility on a more frequent basis. While you may not want to put these tasks on your calendar necessarily, they are good to add to your weekly or daily “to-do” lists.

Check your emergency equipment monthly to ensure everything is functional and located where it should be if an incident arises.

Ensure that your facility has a robust and current plan for handling potential oil spills by inspecting your SPCC program once per month.

Never miss a deadline again. Save time, protect deadlines, and streamline activities within a single space.

KPA EHS’s Compliance Calendar allows administrators and EHS professionals to view, organize, and track all EHS activities—from regulator requirement deadlines to compliance tasks and employee activity—in a single, actionable calendar dashboard. 

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire EHS program’s training and compliance tasks – completely integrated with the KPA EHS system.
  • Assign tasks to employees and monitor completion based on custom actions and events. 
  • Manage, organize, and assign tasks to employee groups, locations, or branches; report on completions or send reminders as needed.  
  • Customize your calendar to suit your needs by adding forms to events, setting subtasks, and using preloaded OSHA and ISO dates and reminders.
  • Use the universal search function to find what you need when you need it.

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