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Collision & Service Centers

It’s often stressful when a vehicle is brought to a collision or service center. Stress-induced behaviors, complacency, improper training, and more can result in workplace accidents or injuries. However, with the right EHS tools, your employees can operate safely and remain compliant so they can focus on getting your customers back on the road.

Do More Than Check the Box

Having an EHS program is mandatory; having EHS software that works for your service or collision center is better. KPA’s Vera EHS provides the solutions your team needs to build a safety culture, reduce accidents, and proactively mitigate risk. With customizable, self-inspection tools and a full regulatory library, you and your team will have the tools they need to eliminate time-consuming, manual, and paper-based processes. Pair it all with our expert consulting services and you’ll have the insight you need to avoid costly incidents—plus it’s all tracked and recorded in one place to ensure records are easy to find and share if the regulators ever come calling.

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Make a Great First-Impression

Streamline your hiring process for each and every employee with Vera HR, KPA’s simplified, all-in-one platform for recruiting, onboarding, and performance management. Did you know that onboarding plays a key role in reducing employee turnover? 69% of employees who undergo effective onboarding are more likely to stay with an employer for at least 3 years. Learn how your HR team can benefit from working with KPA.

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Complete Solution

With EHS and HR compliance software all in one platform—KPA makes it easy for you to maintain compliance for all of the employees in your collision and service centers. Our software gives:

    • Hours back to administrators
    • Key data to stakeholders
    • Instant access to vital information

Reinforce everything from proper PPE and fire prevention to anti-harassment and safe handling of customer information with our award-winning training library.

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