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EHS Software:
Multilingual Forms & Training

KPA Flex automatically translates web-based content into 100+ languages – based on the user’s profile settings – including online forms, training & narration, and more.


Language Preference

Each employee can select one of 100+ languages on their employee profile. Once selected, all website menus, pages, and content are automatically translated* using Google Translate. Translated content includes:

  • Online Forms – All questions, headings, options, menus, etc. within a form are translated
  • Inspections – Asset inspections are also multilingual
  • Training – Online training slides, including text, bullet points, quiz questions/answers, and narration (add-ons) are included
  • Acknowledgments / Sign-Offs – The acknowledgment message and instructions are translated. (PDFs & videos are not)
  • Entire Web Application – Basically, all web-based pages are translated automatically


Most Common Translations

See a full list of 100+ languages on the Google Translate website. The most common selections include:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Hindi

View full list on Google Translate

*Automatic translation is only available for online text-based content. Offline forms, videos, pdfs, and images are not automatically translated.

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