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EV Safety: Do You Know the 5 Points of Energetic Failure?

Toby Graham

EV Safety: Do You Know the 5 Points of Energetic Failure?

Energetic failure in electric vehicles can pose a danger to both your facility and your employees. Check out the possible points of energetic failure in EVs.

Charging Port

If the charger or port is faulty or if the two components are incompatible, overcharging or the accumulation/release of latent energy can occur.

High Voltage Cable

A collision can result in damage or improper grounding of the high voltage cable, leading to electrocution or arc flash.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Any damage to the battery casing itself can result in thermal runaway, the release of the battery’s energy into the surrounding vehicle as heat, creating a fire, or into the environment resulting in electrocution

Drive Unit

The electric motor and inverter can continue to provide power to the system if the vehicle is pushed and/or towed improperly.  This can result in electrocution or fire if other components are damaged.

Manual Service Plug

The Service Plug acts as a physical disconnect for the high voltage power system.  If this is not connected or disconnected properly, electrocution or fire can occur depending upon the function being performed.

Stay on top of ever-changing regulatory needs with KPA, the nation’s leader in automotive compliance solutions.

KPA has an EV compliance solution designed to help you prepare your facility, educate your staff, and document/maintain OSHA compliance.

In addition to addressing general awareness about EVs, KPA is developing a monthly series of self-directed training programs for supervisors to train their staff. Topics will range from EV battery hazards, including fire risks and proper storage, electrical hazards, personal protective equipment, de-energization, stranded energy, and more. These tools, along with on-site consulting and additional EV compliance content, will comprise KPA’s comprehensive EV Compliance Solution, available this fall.

Toby Graham

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