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Insurance Clients Buy Results, Not Hype. Your Brokerage Should Too.


Insurance Clients Buy Results, Not Hype. Your Brokerage Should Too.

When you’re a broker, any risk management tool you offer your clients needs to serve two purposes:

  1. Minimize your clients’ liability
  2. Help you attract and retain business

Too often, brokerages and providers focus solely on the second element. They forget that the risk management tool should, first and foremost, actually improve a client’s situation.

It’s not surprising that the industry has lost its way. Brokers are inundated with marketing proclaiming that a given platform will drive business growth, make conversations with prospects easier, boost renewals, and so forth. The key to standing out in a hypercompetitive field, these companies declare, is to embrace technology. It’s all about the shiny, feature-rich software suite… rather than the underlying issues. Indeed, many risk management providers originated not in property and casualty, human resources, or environmental health and safety, but in tech. They view their solutions as insurance software and believe their ultimate clients to be brokers.

The problem with this mindset is it overlooks the people whose experiences matter most: employers. Your clients and prospects don’t care about what you can do or promise to do, but the results you deliver.

It’s nearly 2020. By now, most brokers have some kind of software in place. Employers have encountered countless tools and programs that can supposedly reduce liability and create better workforce environments. Frequently, these solutions fall short—because they were created for brokers, not for the insured.

Your clients and prospects are tired of the marketing hype.
They’re skeptical. You should be, too.

Next time you come across a new form of risk management technology, ask yourself:

  • What is the validity of the claim here?
  • What evidence do I have that this solution quantifiably reduce claims, lower the cost of business, improve a company’s ex-mod, and so on?
  • How will this help me deliver real results for my clients?

Always remember to put your clients first.

Think about how your decisions meaningfully (or not) impact their businesses. Solve their problems and you’ll get credit for it. You’ll transform from commodity seller to trusted advisor. In other words, if you can move beyond mere promises—the same ones that every broker is making—and provide the means for helping your insured actually solve their business problems, your business will benefit as well.

That’s not hype. It’s the kind of experience common among brokers who use KPA’s Risk Management Center. Unlike the majority of providers, KPA has spent multiple decades working with businesses to minimize workforce liability. Our tools not only help brokers sell coverage but produce genuine change at the employer level.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Do right by your clients and try our solution out for yourself.

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