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KPA Unveils Contractor Management to Streamline Third-Party Compliance and Reduce Risk

Emily Hartman

KPA Unveils Contractor Management to Streamline Third-Party Compliance and Reduce Risk

Westminster, Colo. – July 9, 2024 — KPA, a leading provider of workplace environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance software, has announced the launch of Contractor Management, a new, cutting-edge software solution developed to manage the complex process of third-party contractor compliance. As more organizations rely on third parties for labor, this innovative product promises to transform the way industries handle contractor compliance, offering a comprehensive suite of features that enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and mitigate risks associated with contractor operations.

As contractor use increases so does organizations’ exposure to risk, with legal, financial, operational, safety, and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) implications. This dynamic has created a sizable market for contractor management software, currently expected to double to more than $4 billion by 2028. Armed with more outsourced labor, it is critical that businesses navigate the regulatory and operational challenges of contractor management efficiently. KPA’s newest Flex Contractor Management software solution will do that while also helping to reduce administrative burden, automate the contractor onboarding process, and provide real-time visibility into contractor performance and compliance.

Jade Brainard, Senior Director of Product Management at KPA, commented, “With Contractor Management, we are setting a new standard for the industry that still relies on spreadsheets and manual processes. Our platform not only facilitates the crucial prequalification of third-party contractors but also provides ongoing management capabilities. This means reduced legal and financial risks for our clients and, most importantly, a safer and more compliant working environment.”

The KPA Flex Contractor Management solution addresses the intricate needs of hiring clients, contractors, and contractor employees by offering configurable tools such as configurable prequalification requirements, a dedicated contractor portal, contractor compliance scoring/risk rating, and tailored contractor training modules. These features meet the specific demands of a variety of industries, providing a scalable solution that integrates with existing HR, EHS, and accounting systems.

Contractor Management is a new standalone solution that works within KPA’s Flex software suite for an all-in-one integrated and comprehensive solution to manage compliance and workplace EHS. Highly regarded by customers from a wide variety of industries, KPA Flex provides an integrated solution for Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS), ESG & Sustainability, Online Training and SDS Management. KPA Flex is recognized as the industry’s #1 EHS software solution for customer satisfaction, ease of use, and includes the Highly regarded by customersEHS learning libraries.

“The KPA team is excited to introduce a compelling solution and value proposition for those companies facing the many challenges of contractor management training and compliance. Offering our Flex Contractor Management solution that seamlessly integrates with our industry-leading Flex EHS solution makes KPA the industry’s first and only all-in-one solution for these growing areas of need,” said Chris Fanning, President and CEO of KPA. “The release of Flex Contractor Management is a significant milestone for KPA and the EHS industry.”

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