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Electric Vehicle (EV) Safety

Servicing Electric Vehicles will introduce new hazards to the auto industry. Now, businesses are dealing with new compliance questions and challenges never seen in this industry – high voltage electricity, battery fires, and special shipping or storage needs for EV batteries.

Now more than ever, it is important for businesses to install safety programs to train employees and maintain compliance. We’ve built this resource hub to help you stay up to speed on EV Safety.


5 EV Possible Points of Energetic Failure

Energetic failure in electric vehicles can pose a danger to both your dealership and your employees.

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Latest EV Safety Articles

Vera Suite platform on the screens of multiple devices

Stay on top of EV Safety requirements with KPA.

We designed KPA’s EV safety and compliance solution to help you prepare your facility, educate your staff, and document/maintain OSHA compliance. The elements of the program include consulting, documents, and training delivered through the Vera Suite platform.

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