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• Exposure to hot or molten metal
• Potential contact with hazardous materials and substances
• Use of heavy equipment
• Moving equipment including forklifts and cranes
Understanding these risks and having a comprehensive safety training program in place to safeguard your employees is critical to ensuring the safe and productive operation of your facilities.

KPA’s Subscription to Safety Platform delivers a complete safety training program designed to educate your employees on how to avoid risks at your steel manufacturing facilities to help prevent injuries and fatalities.
The Subscription to Safety Platform includes an annual subscription to 12 monthly safety videos produced and delivered to your organization throughout the year. These videos are designed to satisfy most of OSHA’s annual safety training requirements.

This engaging training is developed for plastics manufacturers using a mix of interviews with injured workers, accident recreations, near-miss recreations, and hazard recognition exercises. We film in our customers’ plants on a regular basis and recreate many of their accidents and near misses. This training is provided to hundreds of manufacturers and has been translated into 18 languages for use around the world.

Sample Courses

Additionally, you’ll receive training specifically developed for Steel Manufacturing businesses covering topics including:

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