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March Safety Observances: 5 Important Safety Reminders for the Workplace

March Safety Observances: 5 Important Safety Reminders for the Workplace

Alright everybody- take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. That’s right folks, we’re finally making our way into spring. Whether you celebrate by watching every single game of the March Madness basketball tournament (Go Terps!) or taking a walk in your favorite rain boots, we have a feeling you’ll want to know these 5 important March safety observances.

Ladder Safety Month

Fall protection consistently rises to the top of OSHA’s most frequent citations. This is why Ladder Safety Month is so important; it gives us an opportunity to check in on safety procedures and ensure our workforce is up to date as well. We recommend you take some time to revisit ladder safety training and recheck existing workplace ladders to ensure they are still up to date with OSHA’s current requirements.

You can catch up on OSHA’s requirements for ladder safety here.

OSHA 300 Reporting Deadline: March 2nd

This concludes our broadcasting on OSHA reporting for this year. Now that you’ve submitted all your paperwork, it’s a great time to reflect on ways to streamline your process for next year. (Hint: We’ve got some ideas for you!)

Women in Safety Week: March 3-9

Also known as Women in Construction Week, Women in Safety Week is a yearly celebration of the many ways women have made an impact in the construction/safety industry. This year’s theme is ‘Key to the Future’, and highlights the ways women in this industry have not only been a big part of its past but also integral to its future development.

Despite facing many barriers, women in construction have been able to overcome these challenges and achieve some incredible things. Check out this article about women who have single-handedly changed the industry.

While we have come a long way in terms of gender equality, women in safety still face a large amount of hazards due to gender discrimination. Here are some startling facts you’ll want to know. 

National Poison Prevention Week: March 17-23

Celebrated in mid-March, National Poison Prevention Week aims to spread awareness about the dangers of poison. This is especially relevant in the workplace, where substances can easily be misidentified.

This is a great time to take another look at your hazard communication program. Or, maybe how you manage your safety data sheets.

National Pi Day: March 14

First observed in 1988 but proclaimed to be a national observance over 20 years later, National Pi Day is considered by some to be a newer holiday. Despite its status as a young holiday, Pi Day has quickly gained popularity around the world; some choose to celebrate its mathematical significance, while others order or bake delicious pies to commemorate. If you’re really feeling the Pi Day spirit, ordering or baking a pie for your coworkers is a fun and delicious way to show appreciation.

Check out these cool facts about pi. And for you bakers out there, here’s a recipe for strawberry-rhubarb pie.

Our Better Workforce Blog is your Ultimate Guide!

Stay informed with weekly industry updates, expert insights, best practices, and actionable tips to enhance workplace safety and compliance.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to start implementing  safety observances into your safety plans.

This is the perfect opportunity to level up your knowledge and take action to keep yourself and those around you safe. When we all prioritize safety, we create a culture that benefits everyone. So let’s make the most of this month and take advantage of the amazing resources available to us!

Need help? Check out the Compliance Calendar as a great way to keep on top of all your important dates >

Stay safe out there!

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