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National Safety Month: This Week’s Delivery of Helpful EHS Tools

Toby Graham

National Safety Month: This Week’s Delivery of Helpful EHS Tools

We’re celebrating the second week of National Safety Month. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose workplace safety challenges. This week we’re focusing on how to address companies’ ongoing COVID-19 safety concerns.

Resources to Help You Address Workplace Safety Challenges

As the pandemic continues, employers play an important role in expanding operations and returning remote workers to physical workspaces, building trust around vaccines, supporting mental health and so much more.

Watch: The Future of Work with NSC Sr. Director, Thought Leadership, John Dony
The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many changes in how people work. Some of them are likely to be temporary while others may remain for the foreseeable future. Check out eight workplace trends NSC identified impacting the future of work.

4 Ways EHS Software Will Help Your Company in a Post-COVID World
What’s the best way to lower safety risks? Let’s walk through three reasons a mobile-first approach is your best bet.

Safety & Health: New Ways of Working Safely
From basic best practices to technology, how employers are adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four Simple Ways to Tighten Up Your Emergency Response Plan
Just as every organization is different, so too is every workplace emergency. From fires to floods, from toxic gas releases to chemical spills, from disease outbreaks to active shooter events, there’s no such thing as a “typical” environmental health and safety emergency or disaster. But that doesn’t mean dangerous incidents are entirely unpreventable or unresolvable.

Next Week: It’s Vital to Feel Safe on the Job

Being able to be one’s self at work without fear of retaliation is necessary for an inclusive safety culture. Leading organizations focus not only on physical safety, but psychological safety as well.

Make sure you check out NSC’s site to find even more resources (NSC Members, make sure you log in to grab an even larger selection of tools)

Stay safe out there!

In case you missed any, here are the other three weeks of resources.

Week 1: Prevent Incidents Before They Start

Week 2: Address Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns

Week 3: It’s Vital to Feel Safe on the Job

Week 4 – Advancing Your Safety Journey

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