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Quiz: Are You at Risk of an OSHA COVID Violation?

Toby Graham

Quiz: Are You at Risk of an OSHA COVID Violation?

Right now, it’s more important than ever to keep your employees healthy, protected, and educated about COVID-19. Infection rates and case numbers are rising nationwide. And the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is going after more and more businesses for coronavirus-related violations such as failing to provide medical evaluations, conducting insufficient training, and neglecting recordkeeping requirements.

It’s the kind of one-two punch that can devastate a business: a workplace health emergency followed in quick succession by an OSHA inspection and 5- or 6-figure penalty.

Are you and your workforce at risk of an outbreak, regulatory action, or both?

To help you stay COVID-safe and off of OSHA’s radar, we’ve put together a quick quiz you can use to assess your health and safety program and illness prevention measures.

How did you do?

If you rated yourself below a 5 on any of the 9 questions above, you and your employees could be at risk of COVID exposure, and your business is at risk of an OSHA violation.

We adapted these assessment questions from the November 2020 OSHA’s November 2020 guidance [PDF]. And, if you’d like to dig deeper into the OSHA standards that apply to the coronavirus, details of several recent violations, and links to additional resources, download Common COVID-19 Citations: Helping Employers Better Protect Workers and Comply with OSHA Regulations (PDF).

KPA’s software, training, and workforce EHS and compliance pros can help you protect your employees and minimize your risks—COVID, OSHA, or otherwise. Learn about our COVID-19 safety programs.

Toby Graham

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