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States that Require COVID-19 Training

Toby Graham

States that Require COVID-19 Training

To help you stay on top of the laws that affect your business, KPA and our friends at the labor and employment law firm, Fisher Phillips have created maps outlining the COVID restrictions in place across the US.

The majority of states require or recommend that employers provide information to their employees about COVID safety in line with federal and local guidelines. The nature and scope of training content varies from state to state, as do training documentation requirements. For full information, check out the map below.

While these resources are current as of the moment uploaded, the laws, regulations, and guidelines on COVID-19 change so swiftly that these materials may become out-of-date almost instantly. While we will endeavor to replace and update these materials on an ongoing basis, these documents should not be used without ensuring they are updated and appropriate for your jurisdiction or industry.

Please note, these surveys only include information about requirements generally applicable to all businesses, including manufacturing and office environments. They do not include requirements pertaining to specific industries (such as healthcare, or restaurants).

And remember, of course, the information and materials on this site are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

Every worker deserves to know how to keep themselves and their colleagues safe. Access 5 free coronavirus training courses.

Toby Graham

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