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Cannabis in the Workplace: 7 Facts Employers Should Know

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Review the latest information (as of September 2019) and best practices about cannabis (AKA marijuana) and drug testing in the workplace.
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Why Answers About Cannabis and Workers’ Comp Remain Elusive

Should a worker using cannabis for medical reasons have their costs covered or reimbursed? The question continues to confound workers comp professionals.
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Navigating Marijuana and Your Workplace Policies

The popularity of marijuana and CBD oil have made workplace drug policies and testing more difficult to navigate. Here are facts you need to know.
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The Exception to Post-accident Drug Testing

In a monthly series, our HR Experts take on frequently asked questions. This month: We suspect an employee who claimed a work-related injury is using marijuana. Can we test them?
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Cannabis Use Is Increasing: Legal Tips for Employers

Across industries, including many safety-sensitive ones, more workers are consuming cannabis. Here are some workforce drug policy tips.
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