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Who Does Your Insurance Technology Provider Really Serve?


Who Does Your Insurance Technology Provider Really Serve?

Imagine being completely embedded in your clients’ businesses and deeply knowledgeable about their concerns. They’d have no reason to leave you for a competitor.

After all, it’s through you that they’re able to access the tools they need to keep their costs under control. You provide the means for their day-to-day, week-to-week business operations. Without you, they’d need to find new ways to train their workforce, ensure compliance, conduct inspections—the list goes on.

That’s the power of what we do here at KPA. Unlike other insurance solutions providers, we weren’t born as a software company. We didn’t stumble into this market to take advantage of a business opportunity. We’re a team of safety and HR geeks with decades of experience in safeguarding businesses’ bottom lines

I’m not naïve.

I know KPA’s Risk Management Center is one of many insurance broker solutions out there. We’re not the most popular or well-known product on the market. I realize we may not have the slickest marketing material or most elaborate list of features.

But we are the best. KPA offers the only risk management solution that empowers brokers to truly maximize client acquisition and retention.

The difference is that we don’t just serve the insurance industry. First and foremost, we serve employers. KPA’s Risk Management Center is an employer tool with broker functionality, not a top-down broker tool that purports to help the insured but fails to drive end user utilization. 

In other words, we’re a solution employers actually use.

Other companies in our space certainly try to create value for their end users—their customers’ clients. They spend millions snapping up technology providers. They dedicate hundreds of hours of development time to adding functionality like learning management systems and experience modifier analysis. Unfortunately for those employers whose brokers peddle these products, the result is typically a bloated, unwieldy system stuffed with shiny but largely useless features.

At KPA, we keep things simple. Our solution is designed to help insureds effectively minimize liability and deal with the workforce issues that impact their world. From environmental health and safety to employee training, employers get visibility into and control over key areas of organizational risk.

This is why brokers who use KPA tend to see better rates of annual client retention.

We’re ingrained in their world so you can be ingrained in their world. Our clients’ customers see their insurance partners as indispensable resources. Their brokers are problem-solvers. Whatever these employers need—OSHA 300 logs, HR guidance, updates on new regulations—their brokers can provide it via the Risk Management Center.

Our strength in the P&C industry derives from our years in the direct-to-employer market. In terms of our content and field staff—140-plus loss control consultants across the US—we understand your clients better than anyone else can.

KPA is not just a provider of P&C tools or HR tools. We do both, with robust online software and offline expertise that allows you to impart genuine value to your clients.

Don’t be naïve about meeting your clients’ expectations.

Given the fact that gaining a new client is 7–9 times more expensive than it is to retain an existing client, no broker can afford to settle for a solution just because it’s popular or well-known.

Discover how KPA can transform how you do business.

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