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A Spotlight on Risk Reduction for National Safety Month Week 3

Toby Graham

A Spotlight on Risk Reduction for National Safety Month Week 3

It’s National Safety Month, and this week we’re joining the National Safety Council in spotlighting risk reduction. According to Injury Facts, in 2022, preventable work deaths totaled 4,695, and workplace medically consulted injuries totaled 4.53 million.

If we all do our part to watch for dangers and report them early, we can keep each other safe. We’ve collected some resources for you to help set your own spotlight on reducing risks in your organization.

Resources for Risk Reduction at Your Organization

OSHA’s Focus Four: How to Prevent Fatal Construction Accidents 

20 Questions to Make Sure You Measure What Matters

Establishing KPIs for Your Safety Program

What leading Indicators Are You Tracking? Here’s What KPA Customer Said

Building Safety Success Through Technology and Mentorship – an Interview with Jeremy Denton

Keep your workforce up to speed on the risks in your facility. Check out KPA’s most popular training topics

In case you missed it, here’s what we’re covering each week of National Safety Month:

Week 1: Safety Engagement

Week 2: Roadway Safety

Week 3: Risk Reduction

Week 4: Slips, Trips, and Falls

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Stay safe out there!

Toby Graham

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