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Equipment Inspection Software

The KPA EHS Equipment Management module lets you track and complete inspections for any type of asset. You determine how often inspections are due, who they are assigned to, and what form they fill out – then track the status and assign tasks to keep things running smoothly.

QR Codes Make it Easy

Each asset is assigned a QR code. Codes can be exported to PDF for easy printing with several standard sticker templates. Once a code is scanned, it will show the equipment profile along with its inspection status. Team members can easily scan a QR code and do a quick inspection in seconds.

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Scheduling Inspections

First you create an “equipment type” including what inspections need to be done and how often. For example, you may create a “Fire Extinguisher” asset type which requires a monthly inspection and an annual inspection. You could have the monthly inspection happen on the first Monday of every month, and the Annual inspection could be on a “rolling” basis where it expires after exactly one year.

Assign Inspections To Ensure Nothing Slips Through The Cracks

Now that you’ve defined the “equipment type”, it’s time to load all of your assets. Each asset can be assigned to any number of profiles. When the inspection status expires, the assignees will receive a task in their open-task list.

Status Reports Keep You Up To Speed

Run inspection status reports any time to see which assets have up-to-date, expiring, or expired inspections. Filter by asset type, location, assignee, or other custom fields to narrow in on the data you need.


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Want to dive deeper?
Check out the EHS Software Demo Center

Visit the demo center to watch in-depth feature deep dives and see how all the components work together to make your safety program a success.

"This product is very customizable and has allowed us to expand our program usage beyond standard safety equipment tracking. We have used it for incident review documentation, manufacturing procedure reviews, and to meet our lab requirements through a single program."

- Michael F., SHE Engineer, Chemicals Industry

See for yourself. Take a test drive.

Get your personalized demo environment allowing you to experience first-hand the configurability and ease of KPA EHS.
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