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Single Sign-On

The single sign-on (SSO) add-on allows your team to login to KPA EHS using your own login provider including Microsoft, Azure AD, OneLogin, Google, Okta, OAUTH 2, and more.

What is Single Sign-On?

Single sign-on (SSO) is when each employee only has to remember one username and password, regardless of the number of systems they are logging into.

As your organization grows, there’s a good chance that employees will need to login to several different systems. You may have internal software systems, HR systems for benefits, and other operational software systems. Remembering a username and password for each of these systems can be a challenge for employees. Moreover, the company may spend significant amounts of time helping employees login, resetting passwords, etc.

With single sign-on, KPA EHS will redirect your employees to your own application for authentication (login). Once they are logged in, your system automatically logs them into the KPA EHS application. No additional username or password is required. In many cases, the employee will already be logged in to your system so the entire login process will be instant and invisible to the employee.


SSO for iPhone and Android

KPA EHS’s iPhone and Android apps also support single sign-on. Below the login button, there will be a “Sign in with SSO” button. Once authentication is complete, the employee will be logged in to KPA EHS.

Supported SSO Identity Providers

KPA EHS supports a growing number of identity providers. If your SSO identify provider is not listed, please reach out and we’ll most likely be able to add it. Current providers include:


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