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Workplace Health & Safety Program Development

KPA’s on-site or virtual workplace health and safety consulting services help you

  • develop and execute safety programs that reduce injury and illness rates,
  • decrease workers’ compensation costs,
  • increase productivity, and
  • improve morale across your workforce.

Whether you are just starting developing a proactive safety program or need assistance with regulatory required programs, our expert consultants can assist you.

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Safety Program Development

Start with the basics. Your KPA consultant will visit your facility and complete an initial inspection to identify hazards and existing control measures for safety and environmental risks. They’ll review the inspection results and assessments with your management team, and based on the issues identified, and together you’ll discuss priorities.

Your KPA consultant will tailor a safety program that:

Addresses high-risk areas in your workplace

Encourages worker participation

Offers necessary training

Establishes protocols to proactively identify hazards

KPA will help ensure your safety programs combine the most recent OSHA recommended guidelines with over 30 years of practical experience to help clients achieve their business goals.

KPA - Ultimate Guide to Audits & Inspections eBook - Cover

The Ultimate Guide to

Audits & Inspection Programs

Is the prospect of audits and inspections overwhelming? KPA makes this as simple as possible by breaking audits and inspections into manageable pieces.

Regulatory Program Assistance

KPA consultants work with you to develop the required written programs for compliance with federal and state safety regulations. Depending on the program, KPA will provide policies, customized guidelines, online and on-site training, and regularly scheduled follow-up visits to ensure you are in regulatory compliance. KPA offers program development and implementation support in the following areas:

Personal Protective Equipment

Record Keeping

The success or failure of regulatory inspections often falls on how well a company’s managed its safety and environmental recordkeeping. For all the benefits EHS software provides, some data is just easier to store in paper format. Take hazardous waste manifests or PPE fit testing documentation as examples. KPA customers consistently rely on their consultants to provide EHS documentation best practices that keep their organizations out of regulators’ crosshairs.

When companies have a strong record keeping process, regulatory inspectors have one location for the documentation they may be looking for.  For many regulators, organized and up-to-date compliance documentation will prompt a less stringent facility inspection.

Remote Consulting Services

Investigations, audits, program reviews, and more – KPA’s expert health and safety consultants are available virtually to help you remain compliant with OSHA, EPA, F&I, and state regulations. Our expert consultants bring best practice advice and actionable recommendations for your unique program.

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"Our consultant is thorough and to the point. He is respected by our employees. Your service helps us to stay on top of things related to safety. Because of him, we continue to improve with our safety measures. He has great knowledge of what is going on in our industry nationwide. He is an asset for both of us."

- Mitch, General Manager

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