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Manufacturing EHS Software

Manufacturing organizations often require the highest levels of efficiency as they are squeezed between rising workforce costs, rising materials costs, and overseas competition. Consider the numerous issues out there:

  • Multiple facilities and shifts
  • Highly interdependent processes and tasks
  • Large and diverse employee bases
  • Heavy equipment usage
  • Use of hazardous materials

KPA offers a complete workplace safety management system for the manufacturing industry that includes user-friendly inspection tools, incident management, training, reporting, and more.

Incident Reporting and Management for Manufacturing Safety

KPA gives you and your workers on the production floor the ability to report incidents and unsafe working conditions. Your teams can submit near-miss reports, incident reports, BBS, and JSA reports that give you instant insights into potential issues before they result in a serious accident.

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More About Incident Reporting & Management

Lousy internet service is no problem since forms and inspections can be submitted offline and uploaded automatically when connectivity is restored.

Assign corrective and preventive actions and track follow-ups. With KPA’s configurable dashboards, increase efficiency and gain real-time insights into all of your critical performance metrics. Analysis and reporting tools compile the data you need to make actionable changes.

Manufacturing Safety Training

Training is critical to the success of any safety program. With KPA’s safety software for the manufacturing industry, deliver high-quality, online training to your teams through the mobile app or through the web application. Track completion rates and quiz scores and know when employees are nearing their expiration date. Add your own existing training or customize KPA courses for a personalized learning experience.

Manufacturing Equipment and Asset Inspections

KPA simplifies asset management and inspections. Log inspections and schedule your equipment for annual, monthly, or custom inspection periods. Inspections can be completed through a configurable form on the mobile app so you can report your findings in real-time from the production floor.

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Industry-Specific Safety and Compliance Training for Manufacturers

KPA also offers a training solution specifically for manufacturers. The platform delivers a complete safety training program designed to help prevent injuries and fatalities. We’ve changed the paradigm for industry-specific training by providing specific manufacturing safety tips, explaining why manufacturing safety is important, and tying it together with real-world scenarios.


Multilingual Support for Manufacturing Employees

With the click of a button, each employee’s profile can be set to English, Spanish, or any of the other 100+ languages currently supported. Online forms, training, inspections, and all other components of the application can be set to translate into the employee’s preferred language. This encourages broader participation and inclusion in your safety culture.


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“We spent too many years falling in and out of equipment maintenance processes. KPA EHS has given us a sustainable maintenance program that can be confirmed at a glance at your phone or computer.”

- Capital Precast

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