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It’s 2020! Time For Exciting Changes at KPA

Toby Graham

It’s 2020! Time For Exciting Changes at KPA

Work is complicated. Throughout industries, employers face countless uncertainties and potential risks. And between innovations in technology, changing regulations, shifting consumer expectations, and escalating employee demands, it’s all getting more complicated every day.

We’re about to uncomplicate it for you.

You’ve probably noticed by now that things look different around here. It’s not just a new coat of paint (although we’re quite happy with the paint job). We’ve rebranded in honor of our new product launch—a suite of tools designed to make workforce compliance and environment, health, and safety as easy as possible. Get ready to say goodbye to complexity, and say hello to the future of EHS and workforce compliance.

Introducing Vera Suite™

Vera Suite platform on the screens of multiple devices

At KPA, we believe in a better workplace, a better workforce, and a better world. That simple mission, which has guided us for over 30 years, is at the core of Vera Suite.

This new software platform empowers you to take on EHS, workforce compliance, online training, and regulatory management in a single, integrated, cloud-based system.

In the words of KPA President and CEO Chris Fanning:

“Vera Suite is a major step forward for KPA and the EHS industry. Vera Suite combines innovative and easy-to-use SaaS software, award-winning online training, and the regulatory and safety expertise of our 125-plus certified EHS field consultants. That organizational expertise is built directly into Vera Suite, helping our clients not only stay current on federal and state regulations but enabling their organizations to more effectively manage their employees’ safety and risk.”


Comprehensive Workforce Management

Vera Suite is the next generation of KPA software currently used at more than 10,000 client locations across the US and Canada. The platform gives safety professionals, operations leaders, and HR managers the tools they need to proactively manage potential risks before they result in injury or compliance concerns. Managers can assign issues for corrective action and manage them through to completion, including tracking federal and state-level regulatory requirements.

Designed with Users in Mind

Vera Suite is built to address the needs of small and mid-sized companies in industries where employee safety and regulatory compliance are business imperatives—industries such as automotive, manufacturing, transportation, construction, and hospitality.

Vera Suite isn’t like any other EHS or workforce compliance solution out there. We created the platform by working closely with our clients, ensuring any employee would find it easy to use and learn.

In addition to making things as intuitive as possible, we enhanced and streamlined single sign-on, improved navigation, and upgraded incident and accident management capabilities. Users will also see some exciting enhancements in our mobile application. It’s all backed by our team of experienced, friendly EHS, HR, and compliance professionals.

To learn more and experience a demo of Vera Suite, click here.

New Look, More (Free) Resources, Same KPA

Vera Suite isn’t the only new development here at KPA.

We’ve fully stocked and reorganized our resource library. Whether you’re looking for compliance guides, HR how-tos, trend reports, webinars, or best practices and insights from industry leaders, the resource library has you covered. Check it out here.

We’ve also upgraded our training library. Home to hundreds of award-winning courses, the KPA training library is full of engaging, interactive content employees need to stay safe and compliant. Until now, the training library was restricted to paid clients. We’ve opened it up and brought some courses outside of the paywall to give you a taste of the most popular titles. Test your knowledge—and maybe even learn a thing or two—at the training library here. And, of course, there’s this blog. We’ve overhauled our website for improved navigation and better reading experience. Expect even more posts on a wide range of topics including safety, HR, training, industry-specific subjects, and much more. Take a few minutes to explore—and be sure to subscribe for tips, tools, and articles sent to your inbox weekly.

Things are certainly evolving here, but our commitment to quality and service for our clients isn’t changing one bit. If you need guidance about EHS or workforce compliance, face a legal or regulatory challenge, or just want a lunch recommendation, we’re here for you. Our support team is just a call, email, or click away.

Have a question or comment for us? Curious about what Vera Suite can do for your organization? We’d love to hear from you. Talk to us.

Toby Graham

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