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6 Tips to Make Your Safety Meetings Shine

Toby Graham /

Frequent employee engagement is the keystone to building a culture of safety in your organization. And safety meetings are a great way to increase your in-person interactions. Effective safety meetings ensure workers, managers, and leadership stay safe, informed, and aligned on current workplace priorities.

We’ve got 6 tips for you to keep your employees engaged and your workplace safe.

Focus on one issue at a time.

The most effective safety meetings are the most simple and direct. Don’t try to educate your workforce on the entire safety program at once. Emphasize one important issue during every safety meeting.

Not too long, not too short.

An ideal length of time for a safety meeting is 20–45 minutes. Any longer than that and you’ll start to lose the audience’s attention. Any shorter and you may not be able to discuss the issue in sufficient depth.

Involve your employees.

Your workers aren’t just the audience for your safety meetings—they should also take part in making the meetings happen. Ask employees for topic suggestions. Collect questions before the meeting. Have a member of your team give a demonstration, tell a story, or lead a discussion. These practices will ensure the meetings are relevant and specific to the people they need to reach.

Make it interesting.

Safety meetings can and should be fun. Try out a variety of media and approaches. Why not have employees role-play or engage in a simulated safety scenario? Humor goes a long way as well, but be sure it’s appropriate to the topic, and use it to draw attention to your message rather than distract from it.

Document everything.

Make sure to record the relevant details of every safety meeting: when it happened, what it was about, who led it, which employees attended, and what activities attendees engaged in. This will help you track the results so you can improve future safety meetings and other elements of your safety program, such as training. It also gives you material to present to an OSHA inspector or other regulatory authority interested in your safety program.

Tap into industry expertise.

Safety and compliance experts, like the ones here at KPA, can help you plan, design, and conduct effective safety meetings. Leverage our experiencepowerful software, and award-winning training to bring your safety meetings to the next level—and bring your incident rates down to zero.

Get Help Running Effective Safety Meetings and Keeping Safety Top of Mind for Your Employees

Thousands of companies like yours depend on KPA to minimize risk and maximize workforce safety. Our combination of EHS software, expert consulting services, and award-winning training makes it easy to unite your employees around your safety program and build a genuine safety culture in your workplace. We’ll help you plan and conduct safety meetings, educate your employees on critical EHS topics, keep track of compliance, and much more.

Want to improve your organization’s training program as quickly and cost-effectively as possible?

You’ve come to the right place. KPA offers award-winning training courses that are…

  • available online and on-site, led by our safety Risk Management Consultants,
  • designed to help employees improve their performance on the job and improve compliance,
  • based on real-world stories and examples.

Check out some sample topics in our training library. 

Or, contact us for help putting together an effective training program for your business.

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