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KPA Launches ESG and Sustainability Software Powered by Brightest

KPA Launches ESG and Sustainability Software Powered by Brightest

Westminster, CO and New York, NY – October 3, 2023 – KPA, a leader in compliance and risk management solutions, has announced the launch of ESG and Sustainability for KPA EHS Software. Powered by Brightest, a sustainability, ESG, and impact management platform, the software is designed to help organizations collect critical data, accelerate their work, and create positive outcomes for their stakeholders and the planet.

The ESG and Sustainability software gives organizations a centralized system for supplier Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) data gathering, assessment, risk management, governance, and reporting. It can be configured to an organization’s industry, goals, and structure while simultaneously reinforcing sustainability data, collaboration, and reporting best practices.

A Comprehensive EHS and ESG Solution Partnership with Greater Transparency & Risk Management

Through an exclusive partnership between KPA and Brightest, the software allows organizations to establish clear sustainability and ESG targets and track progress while also managing EHS data, workflows, and reporting. By bringing EHS and ESG together, companies can develop more comprehensive sustainability strategies that address risks and opportunities across their entire operations.

“As the world demands businesses be transparent about their business practices and their social and environmental impact, KPA and Brightest are poised to help them track, display, and demonstrate their commitment to their stakeholders with a one-stop-shop for their EHS and ESG needs,” said Senior Product Director, Jade Brainard.

ESG and Sustainability includes Scope 1-2-3 CO2 accounting, so organizations can measure their entire GHG emissions and carbon accounting footprint. The software also offers ESG management and reporting, including GHG Protocol Corporate Standards, ISSB Sustainability Reporting Standards, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and worldwide ESG legal and compliance standards. Users can map, trace, and understand their supply chain, monitor supplier programs, certifications, and document compliance. The software also allows organizations to engage suppliers directly with custom assessments and scorecards.

The ESG and Sustainability software offers a flexible, streamlined, and easy-to-use tool for centralizing, collecting, and automating data from surveys, materiality assessments, spreadsheets, PDFs, business systems, and more. It also allows organizations to design collection workflows and schedules through KPA EHS, with Brightest importing, analyzing, and tagging the data.

“By considering EHS and ESG collectively, companies can implement more comprehensive sustainable transformation that addresses modern investor expectations, customer demands, and essential reporting across their internal and external operations,” said Chris Bolman, CEO and Co-Founder of Brightest. “While EHS focuses on the internal operations and compliance of a company, ESG takes a broader perspective by looking at environmental, social, and governance issues that impact the company and its stakeholders.”

This announcement is another innovation and proof point that KPA is helping organizations build a comprehensive compliance program. With ESG and Sustainability added to an already comprehensive, market-leading EHS software platform, organizations can capture all the data points needed to keep employees safe, reduce risks and costs, and ultimately protect the environment and manage business operations in a sustainable model for the future.

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About KPA

KPA provides Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) software, consulting, and award-winning online training to help organizations stay compliant with state and federal regulations and maintain a safe and productive workplace. The KPA EHS software platform is easy to use, highly configurable, and designed for a mobile workforce, which encourages broad adoption and an improved culture of safety across the organization.

About Brightest

Brightest is a leading provider of intelligent software for sustainability, environmental social governance (ESG), and social impact management, analytics, and reporting. Organizations around the world trust Brightest to gather, organize, and analyze data on their top sustainability initiatives, measure and achieve emissions targets, reduce and manage environmental risks, and report their results to investors, customers, regulators, and other priority stakeholders.

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